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Keshav Fertilizers situated in the state of Gujarat with a total manufacturing capacities of 95040 MT / year for for Micronutrients for Fertilizers Sector , Trace Minerals for Animal Feed Sector and Construction Chemicals.

Our Products

Micronutrients for Fertilizer Sector

Keshav Fertilizers is one of the leading Manufacturer of Micronutrients for the Fertilizers Sector all over India. Our Products are rich source for the required nutrients for the crops/frutis.

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Trace Minerals for Animal Feeding

We manufacture high quality Trace Minerals for Supplementing Cattle Feeds & Poultry Feeds. Our Minerals are used as a feed additive, which gives the animal all the basic minerals required by an animal body for its development and growth. Our Minerals are ideal for Cattle , Poultry Sheep, Fish & Goat.

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Construction Chemicals

Keshav Fertilizers manufactures Construction Chemicals used widely in the Industry for various benefits such as Strengthening of Concretes used in various applications for Construction.

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